Will Dzombak is a music entrepreneur, manager, and Grammy-nominated producer best known for managing Wiz Khalifa and founding Taylor Gang Ent.

Will grew up in Pittsburgh and started managing artists in high school when he managed his own rock band at the time, The Elderly. Will then went to Penn State for college where he studied business and music management. During that time, Will founded Nittany Booking to book shows for groups on campus.

In 2007, Will booked Wiz Khalifa to play a benefit concert at Penn State. Unable to secure a hotel room for Wiz in State College, Wiz stayed at Will’s apartment that weekend. They fast became friends and later that year Will began managing his tours. A few more years of hard work and touring led Wiz Khalifa to become the international star he is today.

Will and Wiz now co-run music label, brand management and production companies. Taylor Gang Ent. is home to Chevy WoodsBernerJ.R. Donato, Tuki Carter, Kris Hollis, Fedd the God, and Young Deji. Taylor Gang Production company houses SledgrenRicky P, and RMB Justice. Finally, Taylor Gang Management provides services for Ty Dolla $ignTM88Juicy JSK8, and Sosamann.

Separately, through his company The William Gerard Group, Will manages Wiz Khalifa, Stan Sono, Chelsea & Cole DeBoer, and Alexander King. Will and his team handle everything related to artist touring, music releases, associated art releases, licensing partnerships, publishing relationships travel logistics and business relationships

Will also is part-owner of the clothing company FRESHKO.